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  • A qualified home inspector will examine your property and report on any structural, maintenance or safety defects.
  • The report will also include anything that is likely to become a serious concern in the future. Fixing it now is usually cheaper than fixing it when it has broken!
  • Maintenance recommendations are made, and includes the estimated cost of each repair.
  • Pictures assist the reader to have a clear understanding of the true condition of the property.
  • An informed buyer, seller and real estate agent results in a fair price for all!

SAHITA Qualified Home Inspectors

  • Our Home Inspectors are all qualified with internationally endorsed SAHITA (South African Home Inspection Training Academy)

Market Leading technology

  • Inspect-A-Prop SA uses top of the line technology in order to investigate and report on each property
  • No time wastage, professional and comprehensive reports that include pictures and even videos
Full-House Inspection

This is the complete, top-to-tail, ‘full Monty’ of home inspections. From your pool to your roof, all inclusive. An estimated budget for the repairs needed is included.

Rental Inspection

  • Real-estate agents love this one. An inspection is done before the tenant moves in and the same inspection is done when the tenant moves out.
  • A comparison is drawn to reveal any damage that has occurred during the tenants lease period

Renovation Inspection (incl. Snag List)

You may be completely satisfied (or have an existing report) for the original parts of your home. This inspection will examine any ‘add-ons’/renovations that have been done.

Functional Home Inspection

This is primarily designed with the sellers in mind- this will equip you with enough information to prove whether or not the property is in a safe and functional condition



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